The Block/Component  System


COORDINARE is the South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network (PHN). Their role is to improve the health and wellbeing of their community which is one of the largest rural and regional populations in NSW.



  • Create more flexible CMS Block Structures to allow for robust content systems
  • Built with SilverStripe
  • Full accessibility AA compliance
  • Improve the user experience
  • Refresh the look and feel based on Brand changes
  • To be Considered
    • Showcase for events
    • listings widgets
    • Resource widgets & Directory
    • Staff & board member’s widgets
    • Image galleries
    • Featured Stories
    • Carousel components – listing and featured
    • Clients statistics
    • Locations Widgets and directory

My Role

  • UX & UI Interviews
  • Component Planning
  • UI Design
  • Mentor a junior FED through build


  • Overall 20 blocks/components custom designed to suit clients accessible AA compliance and continuously evolving brand and content structures.
  • All blocks with customisable background and foreground¬† brand colours.
  • Accessible contrast requirements build in to the blocks/components.
  • Unique designs for 1- 5 columns designs
  • Font awesome built in for customisation of icon by client
  • Resource directory’s and locations modules custom build with client’s requirement’s

Home Page

Hover over Pink plus’s for detail

Reusable Header Component with Search Block – Customisable background and foreground colours with accessible contrast rules . Heading style set. Button and Form labels text customisable and accessibly tagged
Background customisable with image or brand colour
Client stats area – Customisable digits, labels, sub labels and right image. Colour set for accessibility
Pathways widget – set up to reflect brand and pathways – fully customisable font awesome coloured icons and BG colour with set accessible contrast rules. Button labels and Content areas all customisable.
News & Events Widget. A feed for News and Events . Can be customised to display, most recently uploaded or set order depending on clients request. Has multiple of singular category assignment and customisable Headings, intro and button name. Background and cards can be colour customised and set to accessible contrast requirements. Column are set to display from 1 – 5 in unique layouts.
Fully Customisable header and footer – allow for quick content/page changes – featured logos and full brand changes
Events & Promotions Feature Widgets – These can be placed anywhere on a page to break up content or feature an event. Full customisable Background and Foreground according to accessibility contrast requirement’s. Customisable Image to Contain fill or Cover.
Fully Customisable header and footer – allow for quick content/page changes – featured logos and full brand changes

News & Events Page’s

Resources, locations and libraries