A Big Upgrade !

Southern Youth Family Services (SYFS) are a not-for-profit organisation that supports and cares for vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless young people.

Their client management system recently reached “End-of-Life” where no improvements or changes were being made.

lnternetrix were chosen to build the replacement platform which would reinvent how client documents and forms were managed and would allow for vastly improved reporting functionality and client self-management.


  • Drive digital transformation of SYFS offline client management
  • Strengthen the security of the data
  • Improve the user experience
  • Maintain the accuracy of data reporting.

My Role

  • UX Interviews
  • UX Architecture
  • UI Design

The Clients request

A unified system

To bring online a unified redesign of the extensive submission process that captures a clients journey through the multiple services within the SYFS organisation.

Exportable Data

To make the exporting of reports and data for government bodies, to secure funding and grants for future endeavours and current endeavours, a more fluid and customisable experience 

Leave transparency

Create a  ‘Leave Application’ interface that gives transparency to employers and assisted with the cross over of casual employees through their multiple services 


Interviewing the Users

Speaking to managers and employees, numerous face to face interviews were held to gain an understanding of the pain points and needs whilst using the system.

Auditing the System

An Audit of their online system and exporting process helped us gain an understanding of the Users frustrations and Needs.


Who are the Users ?

We quickly discovered that most of our users were low to medium experience tech users and that they were actually still using paper to fill out their forms,  prior to entering it in the system.

They had the technology, but our users where not using the system, as they found it clunky, slow & nonintuitive.

The SYFS client’s journey needed to be tracked through the system to allow a consistent supported approach


  • Duplicate entries
  • Old data
  • Limited exporting tools
  • Overly complex form relationships
  • Data disconnect between the services and Clients
  • Clunky, slow and non intuitive


Quick point of contact to resolve issues and data discrepancies

Quick searches for client data updates 

Quick-overview dashboard of exited and entered clients for all services

Staff Announcements

A required client search  prior to entering any information to aid duplicates

And then some …

  • Secure system 
  • Alert system
  • The exporting of fixed and flexible reports 
  • Submission form step process with auto save features 
  • Connection of all  services and clients so that the clients journey could be tracked through the system

Design & Prototype